Vegan Life: Unique Food Ideas

Until now, many doubt that vegan food can be satisfying – they say you can’t eat without meat or cheese. And the fact that vegetables can be tasty and easy to cook is perceived skeptically. One way or another, our daily diet includes dishes without meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products. We offer five nutritious vegan options that are suitable for a festive feast and fit perfectly into everyday life.

Ethiopian cabbage stewed with carrots and potatoes

Ethiopian cuisine is known for its spices and consists, in many respects, of savory dishes, which are usually placed on the yenger – a round sour cake. We suggest you try a cabbage dish with potatoes and carrots, it resembles a hodgepodge or stew, but the Ethiopian version has a special spicy taste.

Seitan Chili

The name of the Mexican dish, “chili con carne,” translates to “chili with meat,” and this vegan recipe is called “chili non carne” – “chili without meat.” It uses seitan, a vegetable meat substitute. You can buy ready-made, but you can do it at home.

Quiche with tofu and spinach

Tofu is a versatile soybean product that is widely used in both main courses and desserts. It has a neutral taste and can be an excellent substitute for eggs: for example, used in sweet creams, all kinds of vegan omelets or jellied pies.

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