Substitute Sweets with These Fruits

If we remove the psychological aspect, when each of us eats to abstract of bad weather or problems with a piece of cake, sometimes the body itself requires sweets. In order not to violate the principles of a healthy diet, replace sweets with the following foods.

The first and main sugar substitute is honey. This is a natural and very healthy product. In addition to the sweet taste, it has a number of beneficial characteristics for the body. It retains youth, promotes digestion, gives vitality. If you do not have allergies, when you want sweets, eat a teaspoon of honey.

Fruits are also an excellent substitute for familiar sweets. This does not mean that you can eat them in kilograms, but few fruits are a great dessert instead of cake.Dried apricots, raisins, dates are a real storehouse of diversity when you want a tasty meal. Dried fruits are rich in minerals and improve skin condition. Eat dried fruits as snacks.

You need to eat sweets in the morning, ideally – until two in the afternoon. If in the evening you want a dessert – drink honey water. For its preparation you will need: a glass of water and a quarter teaspoon of honey. Also remember the quantity: if you eat marshmallows, it means that you need to eat one marshmallow, and not a whole kilogram.

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